Positive Impact Martial Arts

Positive Impact is the Potomac area leader in Martial Arts instruction and has been for over a decade. Led by Master Greg Maye, a sixth degree Blackbelt and certified Master Instructor with decades of experience in competition as well as instruction, Positive Impact Martial Arts provides full instruction in Tae Kwon Do for everyone: from beginners, who have yet to receive their White Belt, to experienced Black Belts.

Classes To Fit Entire Families

We offer classes for the entire family. We make it easy for everyone to train at the same time — even when they are at different skill levels or different ages. Parents shouldn’t have to try and coordinate multiple training schedules into their already hectic day. Unlike other studios, our schedules remain the same — even as students progress and earn a new belt level.

Parents and kids can train together. Alternatively, parents can work out with other adults at the same time as their kids train. Either way, Martial Arts is one of few things that parents and kids can do together even as the kids grow and become teens.

High Efficiency Training

Our unique approach to teaching classes covers more material in less time. The key is to make students more proficient in the art of Tae Kwon Do so they can accomplish more and be able to focus on their training. Our students experience the results of their effort. They can see and measure their progress and that keeps them motivated and working towards their goal.

What Tae Kwon Do Will Do For You (and your kids)

  • Build Self-confidence
  • Instill Personal Discipline
  • Develop Long-term Goal Setting
  • Improve Fitness
  • Create Personal Responsibility
  • Strengthen Character
  • and Teach Self-Defense

Come and See For Yourself

The best way to decide if Positive Impact is the right Martial Arts school for you and your family is to try a free introductory class. Come by and take a look at our studio and see the students and instructors in action. And, if you have any questions, please contact us.